We handle the details related to selling your business.

After a successful turnaround and return to profitability, sometimes existing ownership may not want to continue with the business, or current management may not be capable of maintaining the forward momentum. In other cases, a company may have achieved positive cash flow but the cash generated won’t service pre-existing trade debt. In such cases, divestiture is often the option of choice.

Centrus professionals bring the knowledge, insight and creativity needed to transfer the assets of your company to another owner, ensuring maximum financial benefit from the divestiture to client owners.

Centrus will provided the following divestiture-related services:

  • Facilitate finding a buyer, negotiate and close the transaction.
  • Sell the company as a going concern
  • Sell the company assets alone through auction, secured party sale or bankruptcy 363 sale
  • Serve as the Distribution Agent for the proceeds of the sale
  • Serve as the central contact point for unsecured creditors when the sale of the assets are inadequate to address all outstanding debt.