Financial/Debt Restructuring

Financial Planning to Move Toward Profitability

Even when a company has developed an operating turnaround plan, that plan might not generate enough cash in the early months to satisfy creditors. The current banking relationship may also have deteriorated to the point where a new banking relationship must be established.

Our primary goal is to assist under-performing businesses in restructuring their debt to serve the financial needs of a successful turnaround. We’ve earned a reputation for developing innovative operating plans that receive financial institution funding even when lender fatigue has set in. We’re also widely recognized for successfully re-negotiating debt structure with secured lenders and trade creditors based on an improved cash flow plan resulting from that restructured debt.

Our unique approach to debt restructuring has also helped our clients secure mezzanine financing, giving them time to implement the Centrus operating plan. They are often able to secure conventional banking relationships later based on their turnaround performance.

Centrus has the expertise to find alternative financing, providing the following financial/debt restructuring services:

  • Replace current lender in cases of lender fatigue
  • Secure bridge or mezzanine financing
  • Orchestrate and negotiate out-of-court, informal Chapter 11 actions to restructure trade debt and other unsecured debt