The Road To Recovery

Providing a Fresh Perspective on Business Success

When we go to work for a new client, we first define the most significant issues hurting the company. we prioritize in such a way that deals first with the problems having the greatest negative impact. And we begin immediately to negotiate the best financial arrangements possible with the creditors.

“When travelling 100 mph in reverse, your first forward motion is dead stop!”

“There is profit in confusion, so long as you are not the one who is confused!”

The first step towards recovery is to establish stability. To accomplish that, we focus on the following:

  • Cash Flow – analyze and establish working funds from which to operate
  • Revenue Issues – address the issue of continued operating resources through sales
  • Reporting Systems – review and implement the best possible information management systems
  • Technology – evaluate the comparative technological competitiveness of the company
  • Business Plan – develop a written business plan that reflects the objectives, strategies, tactics and timetable for returning the company to profitability

“If you don’t have a plan, no road will take you there.”