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Refocusing the Management Team in Crisis

by Bob Cohen Ohio TMA News – February 2013 Over the years, turnaround and crisis management professionals each develop their own style of effectuating a turnaround. Certainly there is the initial work of developing a cash flow forecast, assessing the liquidation value of a company and the overall development of a restructuring plan. Once the […]


Addressing the Physical and Emotional Stress of Forbearance

by Bob Cohen Ohio TMA News – September 2012 The owner of a middle market business has owned the company for a number of years and his entire equity and savings are tied up in the business. The┬ácompany has lost money four out of the last five years and to keep the business afloat, the […]


Behavioral Assessment: 3 Elements of a Company in Crisis

by Bob Cohen Ohio TMA News – February 2012 There are numerous methods with which a financially challenged company can assess the magnitude of the difficulties facing the organization. This article addresses an evaluation method that provides a rapid and clear understanding of the key issues and a timetable to determine the approximate time the […]