Gerald S. Norton

Gerald S. (Jerry) Norton, Jr. enjoys a long track record of success in resuscitating businesses and improving business profitability. Jerry has over thirty years of experience in turnaround management, with clients ranging from hospitality to high technology to heavy machinery. Calling upon his depth of experience in operations management and finance, he has assumed the most senior turnaround management positions in companies throughout the world, including the United States, Indonesia, China, Egypt, India, Turkey and Mexico.

Jerry’s performance and success as senior turnaround executive includes effective implementation of marketing, sales and operational strategies. At Babcock & Wilcox Jerry directed the merger of two predecessor parts organizations and the turnaround of the faltering utility parts business. He also was responsible for increasing profits by 90% at one business unit, increasing revenue by 400% at yet another business unit and directing the project that resulted in tripling the size of the manufacturing facility. Throughout his career, Jerry has received failing companies and ultimately delivered successful, profitable and growing businesses.

Jerry has served clients on all sides of the turnaround business. He has provided financial and operational support and guidance to businesses in need of restructuring, and he has provided advice to lending institutions to help them appropriately assist their clients back to financial health. One lender termed Jerry’s refinancing memorandum for a client “One of the best I have ever seen.” He has also served as a US Federal Court- appointed officer to direct the operations of a business that had been impacted by white collar crime.

Jerry holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Spanish from Brown University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Darden Graduate School of Business of the University of Virginia, where he graduated with high honors. His experience and education have been strong in both general management and financial control. He also has led several organizational transformation projects in his career, including a company-wide organizational effectiveness program, major product cost reduction efforts, and a scenario-based strategic planning program.

Mr. Norton is a resident of Canton, Ohio.

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  • Restructuring and turnaround management
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